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Nursery Sneak Peak

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Its been lots of fun working on the Baby’s room, and so I thought I would show you a sneak peak of some of the parts and pieces. We’ve opted to wait till our little one is born to find … Continue reading

Green Flowers and Turtle Shower

Last weekend I went to a turtle-themed baby shower for a friend. The host smartly planned and delegated many of the shower responsibilities; my contribution was flowers and a banner. I used the same flower puffball instructions that I showed last year, but used an assortment of green flowers to make the arrangements look sort of… turtle-y. I also made a banner (yet another use for an old book!) by pulling out pages, folding them in half and stapling the tops to a piece of twine before writing the letters on the pages.

In case I didn’t find all the green flowers that I had hoped to (which I did find, thank you helpful Safeway florist!), I’d also gotten bags of limes and mossy looking rocks to put in glass vases for the tables. You can barely see them in the picture below.

Another friend made this incredible stacked turtle cake, which was beautiful. Yes, that’s a real, edible cake in the lower right hand corner. And chocolate turtle candies, of course.

Fourth of July!

Here’s some pics from our Fourth of July Weekend. Hope yours was great!

(and see the banner above the window panes? Those are just flags from the parade laid out next to each other. Can’t get much easier than that!)




Chickie Chickie Update

They’re getting bigger! And Turbo (yes, we’ve named and photographed the turkey) is SO cute and friendly, that he worked his way right off the Thanksgiving menu and onto the pet-roster. He’s obviously smarter than we thought.