Tabletop Snowball

At the florist last week, looking at all the beautiful and creative ways to use even simple (and inexpensive!) flowers to make striking arrangements, I was hit with the “I could do that” bug. So I did. And this one, is really, truly, one that you can’t mess up, and it looks really impressive and beautiful!

All you need are a few bunches of small sturdy flowers (I used two bunches of glittered mums that were on sale at the grocery store. Small carnations would probably work also), a block of florist’s foam, a container that the florists’ foam will fit into, and some scissors to clip the flower stems.

To start, run the foam under water to make it nice and moist. Place it in the middle of your decorative container. My container was a thrift store silver bowl. Other fun ideas might be a shiny red ceramic bowl, some pretty teacups, or even a cake stand.

No look at how tall you want your arrangement to stick up, and cut the flower stems about an inch longer than that. Stick one flower into the very center of the florist foam – this will be the high point of the puffball.

Work in a circle to place the stems around the center flower, checking every so often to make sure they are in evenly. If you see a gap, stick a flower in to fill it! The foam will hold the stem at whatever angle you place it. The nice thing is that the mums are tough enough to push on, so they won’t wilt or collapse if you move them around a bit.

When you’re done, admire your work and pat yourself on the back for your floristry accomplishment. You can make a few arrangements in different sized containers, or poke some accents (like mini red rosebuds? Or little shiny Christmas ornaments?) into the foam for added interest, if you like.


2 responses to “Tabletop Snowball

  1. (the great) Auntie Stacy

    thanks for the inspiration! “floristry accomplishment” – love it!

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