Nursery Sneak Peak

Its been lots of fun working on the Baby’s room, and so I thought I would show you a sneak peak of some of the parts and pieces. We’ve opted to wait till our little one is born to find out boy or girl, and so the gender-neutral room theme is going to be vegetable garden inspired.

The hunt for decorations has taken me to such interesting places as Urban Ore, Stone Mountain Fabric, Orchard Nursery, and assorted thrift and garden stores, which have provided mounds of inspiration and small piles of treasures (the treasure piles are small because the inspiring things always seem to be the expensive things…). But I’ve got enough to work with, now, so I’m down to the difficult part of just sitting down and finishing the different projects that need to be completed: rug painting, branch hanging, valence sewing, ladder cutting, etc.

More stories and pics to come, including the adventure of Mom and I nabbing a fantastic room decoration from a freeway off-ramp.


One response to “Nursery Sneak Peak

  1. You’re the cleverest mom-to-be ever! I love you.

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