One Less Thing…

Put numbers on your make-up (with stickers, paint pen, sharpie, whatever) in the order that you apply it. Then its easy to grab and lay everything out in the right order before you begin. I also lay out my brushes, so I can work right down the line and apply the right thing in the right order with the right brush. No more fumbling around in the make-up bag trying to figure out what’s what or what comes next when I’m sleepy and distracted in the morning. One less thing to think about!

note: this system was begun after a recent unfortunate incident with the blush as I was rushing to get ready to go… Hope it helps you avoid similar disasters!


One response to “One Less Thing…

  1. wow! what a great idea!!! I use Bare Essentials and have had the same issues. you are so smart! 🙂

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