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IMPORTANT UPDATE!! (or, why I’m posting on a Saturday)

The most amazing thing happened this morning while we were eating our chocolate chip pancakes!

I suppose I should start by explaining yesterday’s post. I don’t usually post a picture without an explanation; I had thought that the story was more in the silly sign than the sad story. But with today’s events, I’d better explain:

About a month ago, Hubbs was in the backyard flying piloting his remote control helicopter before dinner. A sudden gust of wind came out of nowhere and swept up the little helicopter, taking it over the neighbor’s tall redwood trees and far into the distance. Hubbs, Dad, and my brother-in-law rushed out to the street to see where it had dropped, but the sun was going down and they had a hunch that the dark, overgrown creek nearby may have been its final landing spot.

Hubbs was SO sad when he came back inside – his lifelong love of aviation only has one outlet these days, and in one terrible moment, that was gone. He hung his head and cleaned up the wrapper from newly replaced landing gear, and sadly packed up the useless controller.

Well what else could I do but make some signs – because if anyone did happen to find it in their backyard, even if they wanted to they wouldn’t be able to return it unless they knew someone was looking. (That’s what you saw yesterday, though they were hung up last month, the day after the incident.) We copied the signs, packed Elle up in the baby carrier, and the three of us walked around to the neighbor’s houses, trying to look friendly enough to be allowed into their backyards to search for the lost helicopter. Eight houses and one creek-walk later, no helicopter.

AND THEN, as we sat eating our chocolate chip pancakes this morning, a knock at the door.

A kind neighbor had let the dog out in her backyard after last night’s storm, and he ran right over to sniff a tangled, dirty, plastic thing that the rain had knocked out of the tree. Remembering our signs (and probably our sad faces when we came to her door) she brought the helicopter back.

And so one month later, what once was lost, now is found. Hubbs is in the other room as we speak with a blow dryer to see if his little helicopter will fly once the mud and rain are cleaned off. Isn’t God kind – who knows each bird that falls, and cares to return even silly things like lost helicopters.