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Make a Pretty Napkin Stack

Instead of putting out a messy pile of paper napkins on your nicely decorated party table, try this easy catering trick to turn them into a neatly twisted stack.


1. Remove any rings you might be wearing, then place a stack of paper napkins on a non-slip surface like a tablecloth or place-mat; any size napkin will work.

2. Place your fist on the the stack of napkins, and pressing down firmly, turn your fist 90 degrees. Lift your fist up, place it back on the napkin stack right where you started, and do it again. As you repeat this pushing down and turning, you’ll see the whole stack slowly start to spiral around.


3. The top part of the stack will spiral quicker than the bottom, so depending on the height of the napkin-stack, you might take the top couple inches off once it has a nice twist, and carefully set that aside, stacking “mini-spirals” on top of each other as they are formed. Keep going until you have a spiral that continues down the whole stack (it looks sloppy if the top half is nicely twisted and the bottom half isn’t.)

4. Remove the top napkin that your fist has wrinkled up, smooth things out with your hands, and there you have a fancy napkin stack! These stacks stay like this pretty well, so you can make them in advance and put them out when you need them. Of course they also come together pretty quickly, so its an easy last-minute addition to the table.