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Hunting for Eggs

You just have to indulge me. Its been 5 months since the chickens have really laid anything, and even then, after the incident with the dog, and then with the raccoons, and then with the one being a rooster, we were down to just the three Old Maids who were actually laying anything. And then winter came, and then they molted, and so we’ve maybe been getting one egg a day for the last while. Then all of a sudden, I find a half dozen eggs of all shapes and sizes scattered around the coop each morning when I let them out.

I know I’ve already told you about the chickens once this week, but I just had to show you this.


48 yolks

So Hubbs has started P90x: 90 days of exercise and meal planning. My role as cheerleader, occasional exercise buddy, and chef has challenged me to be creative in providing him with all the right amounts of protein, vegetables, carbs, and fats, while making things that are tasty and nutritious for both of us.

Week one I made a giant baked egg dish that could be frozen and pulled out for his breakfast. Mixing 48 egg whites with 8 cups of ham, cheese and vegetables is no easy thing, let me tell you. And it left me with a bright gold yolk-filled container staring me down from the refrigerator. No, I couldn’t bear to throw all of that perfectly good food down the drain, even though I didn’t have a good plan for how to handle a yolk-glut.

Making mayonnaise was out (I don’t like mayo, and cups and cups of fresh aioli don’t fit well into p90x) and I don’t have time to make lemon curd. Fortunately, after pudding (3 measly yolks), and egg-rolls (another 5, check), good old Martha came to my rescue! Her pasta recipe calls for one and a half cups of  egg yolks! Now that’s the kind of quantity I’m looking for!

I had a few hiccups during this, my first pasta making experience:

  1. I didn’t want to go out and buy the “00” flour required by the recipe, so I used regular old all-purpose (worked, but made the dough tougher).
  2. My flour-well was way too small so the eggs oozed everywhere.
  3. I didn’t have a pasta roller, so I decided to try a snake-and-slice orchiette style pasta.

Results? As grandpa used to say (about almost everything) mezzo-mezzo.

The recipe was fairly straightforward, and the snake, slice and thumbprint method of pasta forming was SUPER easy, although I made my pasta pieces way too big. But the final cooked pasta flavor was good enough that I think I’ll give it another shot. Next time I’ll get the right flour and make the pasta thinner and smaller. And with one more batch, my egg-yolk supply will be exhausted, and I’ll be ready for the next round of egg dish.