Useful Tips From a Travel Blog

We took Ella on a plane to go see Mimi and Papa last month, and in researching tips about how to fly with a baby, I was pointed to a very helpful blog with notes on how to tackle all parts of the trip.

One great tip that has applications far beyond washing baby bottles in an airplane lavatory (though that is a great idea) is this: before you go, get a new sponge all lathered up with dish-soap, and let it dry out completely. Then cut it up into pieces, toss in a ziplock, and keep in the car, diaper bag, wherever you might need a wash.

A few more useful tips for kids and airplanes gleaned from flyingwithchildren:

  • Order a Kosher meal; all the parts are individually wrapped and so easy to save for later.
  • Remove the batteries from toys or other things you’re checking- apparently Security doesn’t like mystery noises coming from baggage if the thing accidentally turns on…
  • Take a quick picture of your kids and bags at the airport – if anyone or anything gets lost, you’ll be able to show security exactly what you’re missing.

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