Hungry Caterpillar

Or, Ellie is One Month Today (well, yesterday).

Sister gave us a thoughtful shower gift: a copy of the Hungry Caterpillar book with some special modifications. She made 12 little stickers, one for each month of Ellie’s first year, held in a small pocket on the inside cover. She also included instructions to stick the appropriate sticker on her onesie each month for a picture.

Yesterday we marked our sweet girl’s one month accordingly.

The poor chickens – now that baby is here, their days of being brought into the house for photo shoots may be entirely over. And I will let you know what we decide to do with Turbo, though. His fate is yet to be determined, and Thanksgiving is getting closer… We need to make up our minds about whether we want a large, 25 pound, consuming-yet-not-producing and too big to carry around pet of a turkey (how long do turkeys live for again?), or a Thanksgiving dinner as originally planned.

Like I say, we’ll let you know.


One response to “Hungry Caterpillar

  1. Darling little Ellie…we love you so much!

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