Introducing Eleanor

Hubbs and I welcomed our daughter into the world three weeks ago, and not knowing her gender beforehand, I can’t tell you how delighted I am to have been given a little girl! Her name is Eleanor Verity, which means “God is my light and truth,” and that is truly our prayer for her.

As a kid I always felt a little slighted that there were no nicknames name for my name. Not wanting our little one to feel similarly shorted, Eleanor will have plenty of (adorable, I think) names to choose from if she prefers not to go by Eleanor. I think all the nicknames are so cute, that I haven’t even fully decided whether I’d like to call her Ellie, Ella, or Elle… I do know that when she’s wearing a fancy dress or drinking tea I’ll be calling her Eleanor.

So Hubbs and I are getting to know, love, and delight in this new member of the family. We really like what we see so far.


3 responses to “Introducing Eleanor

  1. YAY! I love her! 3 cheers for Eleanor! What a blessing she will be to our family as the years go on. Little does she know, how many people love her and prepared for her arrival.

  2. She is darling. Enjoy your blessing.

  3. We sure enjoyed meeting her for the first time….and of course fell in love with her! Can’t wait to see her (and you guys of course) again! MeMe & Papa

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