The Creativity of Others

Today I thought I would showcase some of the amazing creativity of some friends who helped make last Saturday’s baby shower just wonderful.

First up is this incredible cake. Since the nursery is garden-themed, he made a vegetable garden cake.  Yes, that’s a fondant picket fence, yes those are three-dimensional tomato trellises, yes you do see a little box of corn cobs and a baby wrapped as a sweet-pea sitting outside the fence on the cake board. (everything hand sculpted out of fondant) And what kind of cake was it? Carrot cake, of course.

To the right, you see an amazing flower arrangement made by Sister. But those flowers aren’t all flowers, they’re wrapped up bibs, onsies, blankets… I can’t actually say exactly whats in there since I haven’t wanted to take it apart and ruin it! (I will before the baby comes, I promise). But this was such an impressive gift here, so cute and clever. (Sister – will it ruin the surprise if I put the link to instructions?)

Finally, here’s the pitcher of lovely fancy water made by the hostess. Whats so fancy about it? its made with water, strawberries, lemon, and basil leaves. This makes the most refreshing water that’s slightly sweet, slightly savory, and has the prettiest light pink tinge.

So thank you so much to all of my creative friends – what great ideas you have!


2 responses to “The Creativity of Others

  1. Found you on tag surfer…

    Your cake is gorgeous!

    I had never thought of making flavored water. So very pretty!

  2. i am glad that you have creative friends. but i am tired of this post. 🙂 thanks. love you. bye. kiss the baby darling for me.

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