What’s on the BBQ This Week

(For some reason, the chickens don’t see the irony in hanging out on the BBQ.)

This, in case you don’t recognize him, is Turbo. He or she —we’re still not sure which— is huge. And no wonder! When we put food in the dish he’s the first one to dart into the coop, and use his beak like a giant tractor to gulp it up like he’s been starved the rest of the day (he hasn’t). He towers over the Old Maids as the other chicks crowd under him for protection. And yes, he still follows Hubbs around.

In fact, when Hubbs was showering the other day, and opened the high bathroom window, Turbo heard his voice, ran right over, and tried to fly up to say hello. This relationship is very entertaining for both Hubbs and I.

And this fancy lady on the left is Glamorous Glennys, (named for the airplane that broke the sound barrier). Her headdress is growing in beautifully, as you can see. She does have eyes, but they’re well-hidden under her plumage —the poor thing really can’t see much at all. Her sister, Zoe’s feathers grow much more… vertically, giving her more of a mohawk and less of an eye-cover.


2 responses to “What’s on the BBQ This Week

  1. so funny!

  2. This cracks me up!

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