Borrowing Tip

Friends have kindly been loaning me bags of clothes lately, to help me keep my growing belly nicely covered. The tricky part of borrowing, of course, is being sure to return things properly. I’ve been trying a new system lately, though, which has made a big difference: as soon as I get a bag of clothes, I lay them all out, with tags showing, and take a picture. I also sometimes make a little notecard with the person’s name and any other relevant details (like “that tear was already there!), and set it in the corner before I snap the pic. I’ve started a “borrowed” file on my computer to keep all the pics in, to easily see what I’ve got.

Now, when I need to return, I know exactly what belongs to who, what condition it was in, and I can make sure I’m not forgetting any parts or pieces. Its such a useful record, I wish I’d started a long time ago!





2 responses to “Borrowing Tip

  1. You are so smart!!!

  2. Yes! My exact thought… You are so smart!

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