How to Roast a Pepper

Roasting a bell pepper is a quick and easy way to maximize its flavor and “fancy up your dish” come on, you know roasted red pepper soup sounds wayyy more gourmet than bell pepper soup. Sliced on a burger, chopped up into pasta, used in a salad dressing (more on that later!), a roasted bell adds great color, flavor, and texture, to whatever you’re cooking, and all you need is a stove.

note: These instructions will work with any color bell pepper, I find that red ones are usually the best balance of price and flavor.

  1. Turn on your stove
  2. Put the pepper directly on the burner – no need to wash or pierce before you do. (Do be sure you’ve peeled the sticker off!)
  3. The flame will start to burn the skin, you may hear little popping and crackling sounds as it does. As one side of the pepper blackens, use tongs to rotate the pepper to an uncooked side. Because the outside pepper “peaks” are so much closer to the flame, your pepper may not turn entirely black in the “valleys”. That’s ok. You can see in the picture that the skin is shriveled but not black in some places.
  4. When the pepper has been roasted all the way around, and the majority of the skin is burned and blackened, remove from the stove with tongs. Don’t be afraid to let the pepper get nice and charred! As long as the pepper isn’t actually flaming (and I’ve NEVER seen that happen) you’re just improving the flavor the longer it cooks. Set aside to cool.
  5. When the pepper is cool enough to work with, use your fingers to peel off the burned skin. It should come off in nice big pieces. Don’t run your pepper under water to rinse it off, you’ll rinse off flavor! Just leave any little bits that you can’t remove to add to the color and flavor of your dish.
  6. When the peel is removed slice it up and use however you like! You’ll see that the flesh is soft and tender after being roasted. These can be used immediately, stored in the fridge, or my mom likes to bag them up and freeze them, which makes them really easy to pull out and use later.


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