Wrap it in the Bag!

I arrived home last week to a surprise package sitting on my doorstep! (How fun is that!) Of course I couldn’t wait to rip in and see what was inside, but I was stopped by the great idea the wrapper had in packaging the gift.

As you can see in the pictures, its a plain paper shopping bag, with the top folded over about an inch. Then its sewn with a zigzag stitch halfway across, the string of a gift tag is tucked underneath, and the stitching continues. There’s no back-stitching at the ends, it just starts and stops. She used white thread, but a contrasting color would be super fun also.

And that’s it! No tissue paper, no finding the right sized box, no tape/scissors/giftwrap. Sewing it closed makes it look so finished, and puts to good use the bag that it came in (which means its the right size.) And I *love* that the tag is incorporated right into the wrapping.

Want to see what was inside the bag? (I thought that it couldn’t get any better than that clever stitching idea, but I was wrong.) It was an adorable apron, handmade by etsy’s pamwares. How much do I love the vintage floral fabric? SO MUCH!!!!

Thanks B for such a lovely delivery.


One response to “Wrap it in the Bag!

  1. The simplicity is pristine. I love it! And homemade, whoever does that amymore? Perhaps this is something of our future as we are in a financial crisis and will soon have to change our lifestyles. Perhaps bartering will reappear.

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