Starting Over

Well, there’s been more trouble in the hen house. This time, it was a pack of raccoons who crawled into the coop and killed poor Red before Hubbs could get out there with his pitchfork. So our flock has dwindled down to three.

We decided it was time to supplement. And fortunately, new chicks are only $2.50 away. We went back to Alamo Hay and Grain, this time they had more variety available. We got two Polish Chickens, a Minorca, a mystery breed, and a turkey. The Polish are the ones with the little pill-box hats on their heads, which will turn into impressive headgear someday.

We didn’t plan to buy a turkey, but he was in there with the other chicks and we thought we’d get him, name him “Dinner,” and not get too attached. But then we got him home and brought the little chicks outside, and the little turkey went and did this:

He’s like a little wind up toy, (did you see how fast he is??) and just so darn cute! So we may have changed our minds, and have gotten a pet turkey, rather than a Thanksgiving turkey. We’ll see what happens come November, but at this point, he’s looking pretty safe.


3 responses to “Starting Over

  1. I think that your little turkey thinks that Hubbs is his mommy! These little birdies imprint on the first available moving object, and Hubbs was it!

  2. Too cute to eat for sure. Of course, sometimes when critters get big they lose their cute edge.

  3. Stacy Hampton

    Adorable… so speedy!! Looks like he loves his papa! Please don’t eat him!!!

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