Sunset Celebration

Last weekend we drove down to Menlo Park to the Sunset Celebration Weekend, as we did last year. (That’s Sunset as in Sunset Magazine, and Celebration as in the open house they host at their headquarters every year, and Weekend as in… well, you know.) No sunburns for us this time, though. The steady drizzle made navigating the crowds like a being inside a giant 3-dimensional puzzle where you have to tilt and turn your own umbrella to get it above and below and around the sea of other umbrellas without poking a stranger in the eye or dumping water on yourself.

We enjoyed  watching the vats of paella cooking, the fun demonstrations, and lots of free food samples.

There were also some inspiring uses of succulents —above left, see the planted succulent balls (hey, didn’t I see something like that in the Anthropologie windows last month?). Above right, see a small section of a whole building covered with planted exterior walls. The variation in color and texture was beautiful, and looked like a huge mural.


2 responses to “Sunset Celebration

  1. When Sunset celebrated the 100th anniversary of their magazine, a rose was named for the event. It’s a very pretty peach-colored tea rose that turns pink with reflexing petals as it ages. It’s so beautiful that we have 3!

  2. By the way, if anyone would like those Sunset Celebration rose bushes, we’re going to be digging them up in a few weeks to make way for a room addition. Just bring some 3 or 5 gallon plastic pots over and we’ll give you the dirt and all. Come to think of it we have some really pretty iris in shades of purple, violet, peach, and white that anyone can have too. My email address is

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