Back from London

Are you looking for a way to add adventure and exciting plot-twists to your next overseas vacation? Want to experience the food, clothing and culture in a fresh and unexpected way? I’ve learned a new way to do it: just travel while pregnant!

When we bought the tickets to London, we anticipated second trimester timing to be just fine. I’d take breaks, Hubbs would carry the heavy stuff, we’d be fine. We didn’t factor in baby wanting to play events director once we got there. How much we have to learn.

Our regular pursuit of restrooms led us into alleys, tunnels, and arcades that I’m confident we never would have otherwise explored. Hubbs met British pharmacists and encountered their stringent standards for pregnancy-safe medication: “ohh, I can’t recommend any of this, she’s just going to have to bear it I’m afraid…” And then there was the moment when I told Hubbs I needed to get off the double-decker bus NOW or else I was going to throw-up, never mind that we were in the middle of nowhere in the London projects, without enough money to get back on the bus. I sat on the scrappy patch of dirty grass, trying to hide my camera and hold my stomach together, and Hubbs paced protectively over me until we could be on the move again, and we realized that this season is definitely serving to pry our fingers off the notion that we actually have control over our bodies or schedules, or anything else for that matter. And upon reflection, I see that that isn’t a bad lesson to learn.

A big advantage of being in London while pregnant, however, was the mandatory mid-afternoon breaks for tea and scones. And clotted cream. And croissants. And I don’t know how there was an 11 pound gain in the post-trip pre-natal appointment…

And as hoped, after watching last month’s royal wedding, the British hats were in full swing. I’ll just hope that the trend just keeps on moving eastward and lands in California.

We did have a lovely time, in spite of the forced-flexibility imposed by baby, and were able to see quite a few amazing things. We saw the Rosetta stone, we stood on the prime meridian, and I had a little geeky fit when I was able to go inside a real camera obscura (SO incredible!).

But you’ll have to excuse me now, that’s enough reminiscing. I believe its time for tea.


3 responses to “Back from London

  1. So glad you’re back! It sounds like you had quite a smashing time across the pond. I do hope we can catch up, over tea of course. And scones.

  2. Aw, wish I knew you were coming over here. I could have at least recommended some places to go/avoid/etc. Glad you had a nice time–I certainly wouldn’t book an overseas trip *after* the baby is born for a while! 🙂

    • I did google to see how far away you were from London to see if you were “visitable” (it looked like you were a hike away) but I didn’t even think to ask your recommendation for things to do or not do- that was a missed opportunity! I really wanted to see your garden and hedgehog. (and you too, of course) Maybe someday (C:

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