Bird in the Butter Dish

After Hubbs came home to find our two chicken patients had found their way out of their crate and made themselves at home in the house while we were out, and by made themselves at home, I mean left baseball sized poops on the rug, the dining room table, the hall… (I think they’re feeling better)

He was getting these things taken care of when we had another bird visitor. A little sparrow that made its way into the kitchen for a visit. When Hubbs called to tell me, I jokingly asked if he could catch it at put it in our (decorative) birdcage. He thought it might fit through the bars, but said he’d leave it in the kitchen till I got home.

I went in to see the little guy as soon as I got home, and while it flapped around the kitchen (ok, I may or may not have been trying to catch it so I could hold it) and Hubbs calls from the other room “come here little birdie, I just want to LOOOOVVE youuuu” The bird flew into the butter dish and got butter all over its wings. So no longer was it flapping wildly all over the kitchen, now it was skittering wildly across the floor, wing so heavy with butter that it couldn’t get into the air.

I caught it and cleaned the butter off and let it go.

It was fun having a pet sparrow while it lasted, but 4 birds are enough for us for now.

Also – I say sparrow, but I have no idea what kind of bird this is. Can anyone ID it for me? (Kimkim, I’m looking at you!)


3 responses to “Bird in the Butter Dish

  1. Well he sure is a cute little fellow, but not a sparrow! He’s a Chestnut-backed Chickadee :0)

  2. Chickadee it is!

  3. So cute!!! =)

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