The First Egg

Today is the day we’ve been waiting for! Hubbs greeted me with the news that the chickens had laid an egg, which he had beautifully waiting for me in one of our many saved cartons.

I left them in the coop all day today (normally they get the run of the yard) hoping that they’d lay an egg for me, and in a spot where I could find them. The trouble, of course, with free-range chickens is that their eggs could be laid in any number of the nests they’ve made all over the yard.

The sad part of the story is that I accidentally left them in the coop without enough food or water, and so Hubbs found the egg just as the girls were munching on egg number two, which we would have had now in the carton if I weren’t such a bad chickie-mama….

But they’re laying. Thats the great part.



3 responses to “The First Egg

  1. You’re not a bad chickie-mama. A hot mama, yes, but not a bad one. 😉
    I love you.

  2. Yahoo! Omlettes, souffles, and all sorts of wonders await you!
    How exciting!

  3. so fun! how long do you have to wait to eat them?

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