Inspiration from Bouquets to Arts

Here’s the first attempt at learning from Bouquets to Arts. I saw an arrangement (pictured below) that used many rows of flowers in vases of different heights to represent a steamboat.

The inspiration for me, which I tried today, was to make an arrangement that used multiple heights of flowers and vases. Conveniently, there are many pink flowers in bloom in the garden right now – rose of sharon, hibiscus, and potato vines – which lent themselves well to a monochromatic arrangement. Below are pictures of flowers from the garden, and then used in an arrangement.

Here’s the final arrangement. One hibiscus in each of six small bottles-turned-vases, in front of three square vases of tall greens and wide potato vines.


One response to “Inspiration from Bouquets to Arts

  1. Ooo! I like it! I also love that you have chickens wandering around in the background of your photos! 🙂

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