Fixing a Bargain Dress

Those who know me know that I’m a sucker for a good deal, so when I saw a cute knit dress on the clearance rack for $3(!) I bought it without question! It was only after I got home that I noticed the tiny holes that were mysteriously speckled across the bodice. With the best of intentions to fix the holes, in the meantime I’m hanging my head in shame as I tell you I’ve been wearing the dress layered style, with conveniently wrapped scarves and sweaters to hide the holes. (I admit, this is a lazy, lazy solution which I never should have done. And the next time you see me with a scarf, don’t just go assuming I’m hiding something)

But finally I sat down, opened the bead box, and found an old broken shell bracelet that’s been sitting around for years.

With some really simple hand sewing, I stitched the beads over and around the holes. The dress has already been through the laundry a few times, so I’m not worried about the holes growing. I mainly just don’t want to see them – the wide, flat, shell beads were great for this purpose. The sewing went very quickly, and now I can wear the dress without worrying about the little holes being noticed. And it gives fun detail to an otherwise plain dress.

Note that the sweater in the picture is for WARMTH, not for tiny-hole covering.

And while we’re on the subject of holes in clothes, this one always makes me laughI’m so not the only one whose done this!


One response to “Fixing a Bargain Dress

  1. With this project in mind, I found something in a bag of free fabric today that might interest you. It’ll help you “fix” your next article of clothing… 🙂

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