February Project

With the last of the Christmas decorations being discovered and returned to storage, the walls have been looking ready for the next season. My dear friend solved the problem by delivering a printout from Martha Stewart accompanied by a bag of valentine colored crayons. (aren’t friends great?)

The project is simple and may sound familiar – crayon shavings sandwiched between wax paper and melted with an iron to make a pretty, translucent sun-catcher. You may remember doing something like this when you were a kid! You cut the crayon paper into hearts and layer them (like Martha’s picture) to make a multi-dimensional window decoration.

I deviated from the instructions a bit and made more of a garland than a mobile, but I can see using hearts like these for all sorts of decorations – scattered on the table, glued onto valentines, all kinds of things! And its a pretty quick project since the wax dries so fast.

Here’s a few of my suggestions:

* Be sure to use a thin layer of shavings. (Refer to the project instructions, not my picture on the left! The thinner the wax, the more light will shine through the finished hearts)

* The instructions say cover with Kraft paper. I recommend covering with foil as well to prevent wax from getting on your iron.

* Use the steam setting to iron a folded up white rag when you’ve finished the project, to make sure you don’t transfer any crayon onto your next wrinkled shirt!


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