Six Vases Six Ways #3

Note: Yes, this series is being written slowly. I see that this little parenthesis was opened last July and I’m still only halfway through! But I haven’t forgotten about it, and so I persevere:

Six Vases Six Ways #3: Bulbs

Inspiration for this post came thanks to the chickens. I went to check up on them as they roamed around the yard (I believe this makes them free-range chickens) and found them all scratching through the leaves beyond the compost pile on the side of the house. And all around them, bulbs were popping up! This is the first January we’ve lived in this house, and I certainly did not plant these bulbs, and if it weren’t for the chickens I’m sure it would have been awhile till I braved the mud and visited the side-yard. So I grabbed a shovel and dug around the roots to remove a large cluster of bulbs.

A spray with the hose rinsed away all the dirt and rocks from the roots and the roots were teased apart to separate out some of the bulbs. These were put into small vases that had marbles at the bottom and water poured to just below the top of the marbles. The large cluster of bulbs went into the big vase, right on top of the pebbles it held when I used it as a candle holder.

Although the stems were all bent sadly over when they went into the vase, by the next day, with some water and sunlight, they had all perked right back up. The buds look ready to open anytime, and then we’ll see whats inside…


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