Do you have lots of pretty hooks and knobs lying sadly around in your junk drawer? Well I finally put some of them into action, without putting a bunch of holes in the walls.

I grabbed a board from the garage, gave it a coat of off-white acrylic paint, and let it dry. Then I gave it a coat of dark blue paint, and let that dry. Finally it got a third layer of light blue paint which dried just a little bit. Using the pointy end of the paintbrush to lightly scratch through the tacky paint, I drew a squiggly vine around the edge of the board. The dark blue paint showed right through wherever the brush handle touched. It was so fun to do some “reverse drawing” that I kept going and drew some wood-grain down the middle.

Once this was all dried, I screwed the hooks into the board, and Hubbs kindly hung it on the kitchen wall. The aprons went on it right away, and both my apron drawer and my junk drawer are happier for it.




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