Free For Your Listening Enjoyment

I’ve recently made a new discovery, one that I expect to use and enjoy quite a bit! Its a website called librivox. Their goal is “to make all books in the public domain available, for free, in audio format on the internet,” which they are accomplishing by readers volunteering to read and record books aloud. What this means for me is that so many wonderful classic books are free to listen to – online, on my computer, on the ipod – there’s no restrictions!

And, it sounds like the books are read by ordinary people (which means no strange dramatic voices or fake British accents that you sometimes find on real audio books).

There’s a search feature so you can look for your favorite books, but here’s some links to a few of mine:

note – I’m going to be working through this list myself, but am only one book through it. So I can’t vouch for the readers of the other books. They might even be doing weird dramatic voices or fake accents. I haven’t listened yet.

Pride and Prejudice

A Little Princess

Swiss Family Robinson
Pilgrims Progress


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