Second Favorite Cleaning Tool

Now that everyone is excited about lint rollers, I’ll tell you about my second favorite cleaning tool: the timer set for 15 minutes. Flylady taught me about the wonders of the kitchen timer when I was in my first months of marriage (yes, I felt like I should be wearing a denim jumper and holiday-inspired wooden necklace when I studied her site, but there was a wealth of helpful information for a brand-new home-manager).

She taught me that the best way to gt a job done is to set the timer and work for a solid 15 minutes. Then stop, and move on to something else. Even after 5 years I still get a little sheepish when the timer finally buzzes and I see how much laundry can be folded, how many dishes can be done, or how clean a room can get in such a short time – and in my head I was positive it would take at least a  couple hours!

This also works for reading a book*, writing in a journal, or sending letters. Its such a manageable way to tackle an overwhelming project: just 15 minutes at a time.

*If you read at an average pace, (reading 200 words per minute) and read for 15 minutes a day, in a year, you can read 15 three-hundred page books in a year! That’s a way to meet your New Year’s reading goals!




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