Cutting Down the Christmas Tree Part II

We have a Christmas tradition, which I shared a few weeks ago, that involves cutting the Christmas tree down and bringing it into our home. Well we have another Christmas tradition involving tree-cutting, but this story is about how we get the tree out of the house.

It started in our first apartment on the third floor and down of a long carpeted hallway. Getting the freshly cut tree in was one thing. But once the needles were dry and dropping, we cringed at the thought of leaving a trail of evidence needles directly from our front door, down the hall  into the elevator, and across the parking lot to the dumpster.

So my industrious Hubbs had the idea of cutting the branches off, one by one, and putting them in the trashcan.

He may have just been excited about getting to use clippers and a saw in the house, but the idea turned out to be a great success. The needles were contained to the corner of the living room, and all the branches and debris were neatly and easily rolled down the hall and out the door.

And that’s what we’ve done every year since then, though this year the ending place was a massive bonfire in the fireplace. I’m pretty sure this method is easier than dragging it out through the house, especially this year with our monster-tree. And it adds a nice sort of symmetry to our Christmas tree experience: we laugh all the way home about my lumberjack husband cutting down the biggest tree on the lot, and laugh all the way out about him cutting down trees in the house.


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