Best Speed Cleaning Tool: the Lint Roller

Last night, Hubbs and I had a conversation that went like this:

Me: “Honey, can you come over here and tell me which of these photos of a lint roller is the least boring?”

Hubbs: “Are you kidding? What are you blogging about?”

Me: “Lint rollers.” At which point I thought about what I had said and started to have serious second thoughts about continuing on with the topic.

But as you can see, I kept on, because this really is one of my favorite cleaning tools and I bet you’ve never though to grab it when you’re going on a 15 minute cleaning rampage. But you should! Lint rollers are cheap, easy to store, and you can throw the spent sheets right in the trash. Also? They do their job without putting any dust or sprays in the air. So at the risk of losing face by admitting that I did an entire photo shoot of my lint roller just to get that nice picture for the title photo, here you go.

When you’re getting ready to do a quick clean, grab the lint roller and use it to:

1. Clean the lamp shades – this is way more effective than a rag and less awkward than a vacuum.

2. Get the dust off the back and arms of the sofa and off the tops of dusty pillows. Same reason as above.

3. Pick up the crumbs and dust off the table. A quick sweep and its all contained – the crumbs won’t spill on the floor on the way to the trash since they’re neatly stuck to the sticky paper.

4. Quickly spot clean visible dirt from the carpet.

5. Peel off a tape-sheet from the roll and use it to grab dust and cobwebs from the corners of the rooms (the ceilings and the floors).

So there you go. Will it replace your vacuum and your rags? No. But if company’s coming and you have time to grab one tool to quickly clean and freshen up a room, a lint roller will get you farther than a rag, and will allow you to quickly zip around the room gathering dust.

Happy cleaning!


2 responses to “Best Speed Cleaning Tool: the Lint Roller

  1. (the great) Auntie Stacy

    I actually got a lint roller in my stocking! I’ll be taking it out of my closet and keeping it in the kitchen! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. thank you so much for the ideas!

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