Emergency Dessert

Yesterday I realized at 2:00 that I needed a dessert for a potluck at 3:00. Part of me was very close to jumping up and cranking out a batch of gingerbread cookies, but the other, saner part of me wasn’t in the mood for speed-baking at all. So to my husband’s relief, I decided to go another route and instead scrounged through the pantry for ideas, preferably one that wouldn’t involve turning the oven on. I briefly considered grabbing a package of knock-off Oreos, and calling it good (after all, no one knows whose responsible for what on the potluck table…), but then thought NO, certainly I have more dignity than that. But maybe there’s an idea here.

I continued to scrounge and came up with a 1/4 full bag of chocolate chips, one Hershey bar, one candy cane, and some sprinkles. And that was all I needed.

The chocolates went into a glass bowl which was set on a pan of boiling water. Stirring constantly, it all melted in about 8 minutes. Then I stirred in a teaspoon and a half of Crisco to thin the chocolate down a bit.

I told myself I’d just go as long as the chocolate lasted (which I didn’t think would be that many), but it easily stretched to dip the entire package, and not a single cookie more.

The dipped cookies were set on waxed paper on a cookie sheet, and sprinkled with either 1. the crushed up candy cane 2. little white sprinkles or 3. white and red sugar, and placed in the freezer (for about 10 minutes? not long at all).

While that was cooling I even had time to decorate the rim of the paper plate to spruce it up a bit.

And that’s that. I am DEFINITELY¬† keeping chocolate chips on hand for the next time I need a fast dessert – and there’s always something that would be good dipped in chocolate, right? Pretzels, walnut halves, dried fruit, marshmallows, cookies, I imagine that with some creativity and some chocolate chips, almost anything has potential to solve the next dessert emergency.


One response to “Emergency Dessert

  1. (the great) Auntie Stacy

    thanks for another great idea! they look cute, too!

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