Getting ready for 2011

As 2010 comes to a close, its time once again to get next year’s calendar. (Although its actually been kind of freeing to have no obligations in the New Year – if its not on the calendar, its not happening, right?) Mine is all picked out. Even though I like artsy calendars, there is one that is SO helpful and practical that its won out the past three years, no question, even though I don’t always love the pattern. That says something for its functionality, right?

So what is this great calendar, you ask. Well its called the File-It 2011 Pocket Wall Calendar, and its an amazingly helpful tool in my attempts to be organized. Its wire-bound, like a normal calendar. But each month is printed on the front of a full sized pocket. So when an invitation, bill, or  theater tickets arrive that occurs at a future date, the info gets marked on the calendar and all related paperwork goes right into the pocket of that month. So when February’s wedding comes around, I will look in the pocket and find the map, invitation and instructions all there waiting for me. How nice!

You can buy birthday cards in advance and put them in the pocket of the month they will be sent, or load up the pockets in January with surprises for yourself to find throughout the year. The pockets also are good for holding a pen and any calendar stickers that you might use.

The other brilliant feature is that the pockets are perforated at the top, so when the month is over you can easily remove it, fold down the top, and then the whole thing turns into a standard sized file folder with the date printed on the top tab (see the photo above). How smart is that!

If you’re interested in getting one (no I don’t get any cuts from the company for saying this!) they are available here, and typing in SAVE10DEC will get you 10% off. Enjoy, you’ll be thanking yourself all year.


3 responses to “Getting ready for 2011

  1. (the great) Auntie Stacy

    just ordered my calendar! I’ll let you know how it works for me. Thanks!!

  2. Ok…I ordered one too! Hopefully this beats my calendar/binder system from this year.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Great idea!

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