Three month update

Its been awhile, I realized, since the last chickie update. And they have definitely changed since then!  They’re living outside now full-time, since they’re fully feathered out. That means no more cute little fuzzballs that fall asleep standing up – now my little flock is almost full grown, and its much harder to hold one while working on he computer or whatnot. (not that I used to do that when they were tiny… ahem.) Its hard to believe that just 3 months ago they were so small. They’ve also started eating kitchen scraps, which makes them like little garbage disposals for all of our kitchen waste. Here’s some before and afters to help see the change.





2 responses to “Three month update

  1. Kristine Brookshire

    Hey Sara! Great blog! Have you named your chickies? Congrats on the house – it looks like you a making it a lovely home!

    • Kristine!
      Thanks for the note. Yes I have named them, which means that none will end up in the soup pot.
      There’s Della (the yellow Delaware), Roxy (the barred Rock), Bare (who was the biggest and had a little bare chickie bottom), Jacks (who looks like a cracker Jack) Picker (the one who wouldn’t leave her sisters alone) and Wilson (Hubbs named her).

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