Oh Christmas Cards

Isn’t December the best time to go and check the mail? For all the work and stress it can be to get the cards designed and the envelopes addressed, it sure is fun to see the postman leave and know that there’s going to be mail to get excited about.

The dilemma for us has always been where to put the cards when we get them. Growing up they were often placed in a basket on the dining room table, and each night at the dinner table we would pick out and display the card at the top of the stack, and pray specifically for that family. Our cards may end up in a similar basket, but until they do we want to display them, and we’ve only got a finite mantle (which is already filled with Christmas decorations). This year we found a solution.

We had an extra length of 1×2″ board with a row of eye screws, left over from a curtain making project. So I snagged a handful of coordinating ribbons from the ribbon box, tied them to the hooks, and hung the whole thing from fishing line on the wall, using clothespins and binder clips to clip cards to the ribbons. (Hubbs was much happier with the prospect of one small hole in the wall than 8 small holes in the wall)

Now if you don’t happen to have a length of board with eye bolts screwed in, you could easily push-pin ribbons to a board, tie ribbons to a tree-branch, or tack the ribbons directly to your wall. The nice thing is the long ribbons to clip the cards to.

Now that this is solved, on to the bigger job for today of getting my own Christmas cards figured out…


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