Garland Making

Hubbs and I have a Christmas tradition that almost got the best of us this year.

It all started in our first apartment with the high ceilings in Washington. We were on a tight budget, and so when we saw that all the trees at the cut-your-own Christmas tree farm were the same price no matter how tall, we were determined to get our money’s worth. We cut the tallest tree we could find, roped it down onto our little car, and hauled it up to our third story apartment, laughing all the way home.

Well the tradition moved with us to California, (both of high ceilings and the desire to get our money’s worth.) but this year, we almost met our match. The redwood (no joke) we cut was too big to fit on our car, too big to jam through the front door, and it left its muddy mark on every wall we passed as it was pushed to the stairwell, where it now leans slightly to the left so the top doesn’t hit the light, and it spreads its branches so completely into the hall that we feel like the Chronicles of Narnia as we push through to our bedroom. But once in place, and after some heavy clipping and some Christmas lights, our leaning tree is as beautiful as ever, and so the tradition lives on another year.

But the clipping has left me with piles of boughs that are too pretty to throw away, so this morning I decided that a garland was in order. Even if its only a few feet long, it just looks like Christmas.

I got to work on my pile of branches, with a ball of twine and my trusty clippers, and before I knew it had a 16 foot garland to hang up. See? We got our money’s worth! A Christmas tree and a free garland.


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