The Reason I didn’t Post Much Last Week


Last week, Hubbs and I, and Sister and Gav all went down for a quick trip to Disneyland. We had no idea when we made the reservations in July that the day we chose would be the first day of Christmas at the park! We only realized as we saw the billboards on the way to the airport. Here’s just a couple pics from our trip.



(This was probably Hubbs’ favorite part – not because he didn’t love the Park but because he LOVES airplanes so much!)

Goodbye Disneyland, see ya next year!


3 responses to “The Reason I didn’t Post Much Last Week

  1. Do you think it drives strangers crazy that you never show your face? It would drive me crazy but I’d read your blog anyway because you are so stinkin’ creative and clever. Speaking of faces, I miss yours. Keep the blogs comin’. They give me my Sara fix each day!

  2. I tried to call you guys, and I dont have your e-mail but I just found out you guys had this blog so i wanted to check it out and say hi from Afghanistan.

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