One Month Old

It’s been a few weeks since the last chick update – they turned one month old last Monday (no, we didn’t celebrate). The past few weeks I’ve been bringing the chicks outside to scratch around in the coop during the day, but bringing them back inside at night. But all of a sudden, transporting all six of them has become almost impossible. You can see below the game that we play: one chicken in the box, three chickens out of the box.

This is because they are growing fast, and enjoy testing out their growing wings. This is Jax at three weeks old, looking like a little bald-eaglet.

And this is Jax at four weeks old, past the bald-eagle stage and doing a much better job of filling out those huge feet. Can you believe the difference in just one week??

Because of those reasons (inability to stay put in the box and the fact that they’re growing like weeds) we’ve moved them outside into the coop for good. They have their lamp out there and seem to be quite happy. And I’m happy because they live right outside our bathroom window and so we have a perfect spot to sit and watch them.



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