Planning for Thanksgiving

Now that its a week and a half away from Thanksgiving, I’ve got a few helpful links that have served me well in past years, I hope they help as you start to plan.

  • Every year I use at least a few of these recipes from Cooks Illustrated– they explain how to make and prep basic Thanksgiving dishes in advance to be quickly and easily finished on the big day. There’s even a tip for cooking your turkey in half the time! (Click the radio link at the top of the jump to hear the radio show with some additional tips.)


  • Here’s a recipe for BEAUTIFUL breadsticks that uses buckwheat flour and cheddar cheese and looks like moss covered twigs. Sound strange? Click the link, look at the picture, you’ll see what I mean.


    • Finally, here is Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, written by Honest Abe in 1863, designed up nice by me… well, this morning. We often read this Thanksgiving Day and reflect on how proud and thankful we are for our country. We often also scramble to try and look it up online right before dinner starts because we forgot to print it out. So print it this week before things get crazy. Yes, it takes some effort to read old language, but its definitely worth the work.

    More Thanksgiving fun to come as the day approaches…


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