This Little Piggie’s in the Freezer

Last week we got a call informing us that the butcher would be needing to move a couple of deer into his freezer, and so we needed to come immediately and collect our three hundred pounds of pork to make room. Since my Aunt was closer to the middle of nowhere (where the butcher is located) she picked up the meat and Hubbs and I met her halfway to transfer the boxes of hams, chops and the most wonderfully marbled smoked bacon that I’ve ever seen into the back of our car.

Its no surprise that the meat was so beautiful- my Aunt and Uncle just seem to raise good quality animals. Last spring, they bought three meat piglets that they’ve been raising on their ranch. Hubbs and I have seen what wonderful things come out of their farm and so we eagerly placed an order for pork. All summer the pigs were carefully and lovingly raised, resulting in a pretty good life for the animals and pretty delicious meat for the people. Fully grown in October, they were delivered to the butcher, and the meat has spent the past three weeks curing, smoking, and aging.

As we loaded and tallied the packages into the freezer back home, we could hardly WAIT to open the first pack of bacon and make ourselves a BLT. We snagged a few heirloom tomatoes from the garden and fried up some crisp, smoky bacon… Whoever discovered bacon found a really good thing.

And while we’re talking about pigs (Is it weird it I follow that BLT picture up with this? Maybe a little.) the Anthropologie catalog is here, which I LOVE for its inspiring use of beautiful textures, colors and creative photography. (Oh yah, the clothes are cute too!) I am so inspired by each catalog that I save them to reference later. But seriously, who thinks to show their scarves wrapped around adorable little piggies?

And we may as well end with this little clip (sorry about the commercial and the grainy quality), which I can’t watch without smiling, and makes me want to go grab a blanket and curl up on the sofa and read all day.

With a BLT…


2 responses to “This Little Piggie’s in the Freezer

  1. Man, that’s good bacon! You make a great “some pig” sandwich, sweetie.

  2. My uncle, who was a farmer, was once scandalized when my dad suggested that they buy a calf, raise it, and then have the shochet (special rabbi trained to dispatch animals humanely and in a “kosher manner “) come to “deal with it” and then split the meat between both families. “Think of all the money we’ll save, bro, and it will be fed well and grow up on the farm!”
    My uncle who was not exactly the most sensitive of sheep, surprised my dad when he growled at him, “Whaddaya mean? How can you eat an animal you know by name?”
    It turns out that they never butchered and ate one of their kids 4-H calves, but they would sell them because “you don’t eat an animal you know.” I think that this came from a too high view of animals, personally, but I never forgot this story about a man that I knew to be difficult and cruel. Here was where I saw the image of God reflected, even if it was somewhat dim, to my own view.

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