Roasted Fairytale Pumpkin

As beautiful as this pumpkin was to look at, its been even more wonderful to eat. We roasted the whole thing this week, and have been slowly whittling away at the pumpkin glut that’s now filling the fridge.

I’d heard about a safe and easy method for cutting up a large squash like this, and tried it with great success: rather than try and push a big knife through the hard rind, use a mallet to tap a bench scraper through. I worried that the handle of the bench scraper would dent when whacked, but it did the job without so much as a nick. That’s my old wooden mallet that once lived in Grandma’s workshop and has closed hundreds of paint cans in its life.

Call me crazy, but I was genuinely expecting green flesh inside. What a surprise to see such a beautiful contrast between the sage green and bright orange! And you wouldn’t believe how good this pumpkin smelled. Not pumpkin-y at all, but sweet, like honeydew and cantaloupe.

I baked it flesh side down on a cookie sheet at 475 for about 40 minutes until it was tender. No oil or salt or anything on it; just pumpkin.

After it cooled I scooped all the meat out and tossed the skin. It gave us two big mixing bowls full of pumpkin(!).

And then we made pumpkin-coconut milk soup with lime zest and fresh ginger and a hint of cinnamon… It was incredible. Stupid good, as we say around here. Recipe to come, for sure.


One response to “Roasted Fairytale Pumpkin

  1. Oh, I so want that recipe! That color did look beautiful, and the contrast was lovely. I didn’t realize you could eat those–I thought they were only for show, so I really learned something new from you today. Thanks for teaching us something wonderful. So, if pumpkin soup was on the menu, can pumpkin pie be very far behind?

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