The Chicks at Three

The chicks are three weeks old, and they are growing so fast! They are feathering out beautifully and have been spending these mild fall afternoons in the coop.

And enough posing for one afternoon…

Also, I recently found a letter from my Grandma written to my mom twenty seven years ago. In her beautiful script, she describes how they had just finished building bird pens and had bought some chicks as they got into the new hobby of chicken farming.

I remember visiting their Washington farm and playing in the empty bird-runs as a girl, but by then my grandparents had long-since given up on poultry. How fun to read her letter and rediscover how much we have in common.


One response to “The Chicks at Three

  1. beautiful chickies, and this is a chicken penthouse to be sure (is there a swimming pool and sun roof? what an amazing structure!)

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