Reclamation Project

Before I get to the actual post today, I have a few things to mention.

The first thing is that today’s the day, so don’t forget to go and


The second thing is today’s milestone: you may or may not have been counting, but this is post number one hundred, a number I am pretty excited to have hit. Thank you so much to everyone who reads and follows thirtyonethirtyone, here’s looking at the next hundred.

And finally, the main attraction for today, the Reclamation Project. This was a fantastic conference held at NorthCreek last weekend. I’ve been working on designing the assorted materials for the conference all summer, and was pleased to finally see everything in action. You may remember the before and after image of the run-down church.

Here’s the conference booklet.

One of the spreads from inside the booklet.

The banner welcoming conference attendees.



2 responses to “Reclamation Project

  1. (the great) Auntie Stacy


  2. I loved the artwork, my dear! I think that you could sell posters of the inside of the booklet (the Colossians verses).
    Any chance I could get a print out of it to hang up?
    Simply gorgeous, and added a beautiful touch. We are so blessed to have you marrying beauty and function for the glory of God!

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