How to Make a Beard

Maybe you’re like I was last Halloween, two days before the big day and no costume. If you need a beard (like I did for Hubbs’ costume) and have a skein of yarn lying around, you can make one without too much trouble – just a couple cuts and some slip knots and you can have a beard in under an hour.

Here’s what you need:

  • Two pieces of ribbon – one piece of ribbon long enough to fit around your head and tie in the back. If you won’t have a hat or a wig, get a ribbon color that will match your hair reasonably well. The second piece needs to be about 10 inches long, and should match the beard color.
  • Yarn (one skein). The longer the beard length, the bigger ball of yarn you’ll need.
  • Scissors.


Decide the beard length, and wind the yarn into a loop thats twice as long as you want the beard to be. Cut ONE end of the loop so that your bundle is twice the beard length. (Each length of yarn will make 2 beard hairs, make sense?)

Start in the center of the ribbon and make a slip knot with the first piece of yarn. Pull it tight and you’ve just made your first two beard hairs. Do it again, and continue down the ribbon scrunching the knots close together to make a nice, full beard.


Keep going till it covers the front of the face. To make a place for the mouth, get your second piece of ribbon and make another beard about 4 inches wide. Then tie this “mini” beard behind the big beard so that it hangs below the person’s bottom lip. (See the little diagram below.)

Tie the mustache pieces off to the side with some yarn, and there you go! You got yourself a beard.


5 responses to “How to Make a Beard

  1. Hubbs looks good with a beard!

  2. My goodness, girlfriend, this is brilliant! Do you realize how many VBS directors would love to have this very simple pattern? I love this. If you want to make a bunch of little boys into Hebrews fleeing Egypt, this is a great way to do it!
    I agree with Dave’s comment about Hubbs 🙂

  3. So I have to know…is he Moses? Noah? And who will you be?

  4. Haha, Hubbs was Noah (good guess!) and I was the rainbow, of course (c:

  5. i love your idea i had a school talent show and made a beard for me to wear thanks for the great idea your very CREATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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