Colorful Gardening

Another Saturday seminar with T got me all inspired to start on a winter Vegetable Garden. The teacher reviewed a long list of plants that should be started now in order to have a harvest through the upcoming cooler months. Some surprising recommendations for this area were strawberries, artichokes, and potatoes.

So now I’m home with my seed packets and my big ideas, and hope to get everything into the ground this week. (Look out green tomatoes still on the vine, your days may be few!)

I scattered Rainbow Swiss Chard seeds in the front flower bed – I think they should do well here with the regular sprinkler watering, and should make a colorful entrance to our front door. (I also expect to be disinclined to run across the sloshy grass to get to the garden for a rainy day harvest, and like the idea of “conveniently growing just outside”.)

These carrot seeds were highlighted in the seminar, what a fun surprise it will be to pull all colors of carrots out of the ground! These will make some beautiful pans of roasted vegetables when they are ripe. Or carrot cake? Wow, what about red carrot cake!

On the subject of beautiful vegetables, the other day some friends dropped off a box of Turkish Delight and a bag of the most richly inky purple Peruvian potatoes. They are in the oven roasting with a little olive oil, salt and pepper as I type this. I’ve never seen potatoes like this before and am sure that there’s some kind of great idea to be had involving white, sweet and purple potatoes… multi-colored fries? tri-colored scalloped potatoes? I’ll have to think about that one some more.

And as I think about that, I’m supposed to be planting everything this week! Where in the world do I get purple seed potatoes?


3 responses to “Colorful Gardening

  1. (the great) Auntie Stacy

    Isn’t Turkish Delight, delightful?

  2. Hey Sarah!

    This is Rachelle from Crossroads a few years back. I found your blog on and like looking at your craftiness. I love purple potatoes. they’re the best! I got mine from Seed Saver’s Exchange (Indiana). but i’m not sure they sell them right now. You could also try Caker Creek Heirloom Seeds (CA) or Territorial Seeds (OR). they both sell heirloom seeds.

    Good luck with your winter garden!

    • Hi Rachelle, long time no see! Thanks for the hello and thanks for the great leads! I’ll check those places out… I sure hope they (or somebody!) sells potatoes now.

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