An October Day in the Wine Country

Saturday afternoon we took a drive up to the beautiful Napa Valley. The vineyards had splotches of red where the Fall sun had done its work, and we could smell the sweetness of the grapes the farther down the Silverado Trail we drove.

Our first stop was the Rutherford Hill Wine club release party. As Italian Opera played out the speakers, caterers brought out pizza after delicious thin crust pizza- we kept a corner of our eye on the servers to make sure we got a hot slice. And we finished it off with handfuls a polite helping of the famous chocolate covered blueberries that they serve in a dish to complement their Port.

The Rutherford grapes had been picked and sat in the bins waiting to be de-stemmed. Most of the other vineyards we drove past were still full with clusters of purple grapes.

We picked up picnic supplies at V. Sattui and drove on to Castello Di Amorosa. I tried my first whoopie-pie, which I can definitely say exceeded expectations.

Being unsure about picnic policies, we tried to eat quickly and discretely before walking the grounds. There was a low fence in the parking lot that made a perfect spot.

The building is amazing, and we didn’t even pay to tour the inside! Grass grows right up to the base of the castle walls and a variety of barnyard animals wander around like they own the place – chickens, sheep, peacocks – making nests in the vineyards and helping themselves to the water in the moat.

Every detail is perfect, even down to the baskets of wool and hand-made ropes that were piled outside the rustic stables. Hubbs and I were the only ones who hadn’t been inside – we can’t wait to go back and see what’s behind those beautiful walls!



One response to “An October Day in the Wine Country

  1. (the great) Auntie Stacy

    I’ve been hearing “whoopie pie” lots lately… think I’ll have to try and make them. What a fun dessert! 🙂

    Part of Andy and Erin’s wedding activies included a tour of “the castle.” Isn’t it wonderful? You’ll love the inside, too! BTW.. we started that same day with a tour at Rutherford and lunch on the picinic benches.

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