Six Chicks

Of all the times that we’ve been down to Alamo Hay & Grain and looked at the little chicks and ducks and rabbits, this time was definitely the best. This time the guy gave us a cardboard box with wood shavings at the bottom, and we got to pick out six little chickies to bring home.

After watching these little gals, I’m pretty sure it can be scientifically proven there’s nothing cuter than a one day old puffball with sleepy eyes and giant feet.

They were going crazy chirping and whining while we moved them into their bin, and put the food dish in and filled their waterer. They kept at it for an hour until the moment we got the heat lamp set up – on feeling the warmth, they instantly froze, got quiet, their eyes started to get heavy and every one of them fell asleep standing up, wobbling around in place. A few minutes later they had face-planted in the pine shavings, beaks down and little wings spread.

They’ll live in the house where its warm for a few months, and then move out into their coop, and should start laying in the spring.


Two Rhode Island Reds, one Wyandotte, a Delaware, a Barred Rock, and another variety that slips my mind as I write this. But they sure are cute. As hard as we tried not to name them, it happened anyways. That little black and white lady on the right is Roxy (naturally, since she’s the Barred Rock).

Lastly, this is the landmark horse on the roof in front of AH&G – its lived there a long time, I think, since before my parents were kids.


One response to “Six Chicks

  1. (the great) Auntie Stacy

    Wow…I feel weepy they are so doggone cute!!!

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