Surprisingly Fall

I always know Fall is really here when I walk into Williams Sonoma and it smells like mulling spices because they’re sampling hot cider. There hasn’t been time to pop in for the yearly cider tasting, and the 90° days haven’t exactly felt autumnal, but regardless, I have a pot of soup on the stove today, autumn mix in the candy dishes (my favorite!) and the mantle looking like Thanksgiving is on its way.

Our last home was so small that there was hardly room for everyday things, let alone extra decorations; the Fall bin had slim pickin’s when I pulled it out a few weeks ago. So this year I looked around the house to see what would make our home feel like fall inside even if the weather outside feels otherwise. Here’s what I found:

Books without covers: I raided the bags and bags of these left over from Sister’s wedding. We took old books from the library giveaway (ones that looked old and worthless) and removed the covers. They make a really nice monochromatic riser for things – They have some texture and variation but don’t draw too much attention to themselves.

Some buttons from the button box layered in a small bottle. Browns on the bottom, creams on the top. For some reason, next to the books, these just look fall-time to me! They also have a similar aged texture and color to the books, so they visually relate to each other.

A long branch from the yard also gives some interest and movement. It’s sitting in a basket and holding the leaf garlands very nicely.

At first I overlooked these amazing lions ear flower pods once the velvety, orange petals dropped off, but then I realized that the leftover structure is beautiful on its own, even without the flowers! Look around and see whats left now that things are starting to dry up outside.

And a pretty silver (thriftstore) bowl filled with cinnamon sticks.

The rosehips have turned beautiful orange outside, thank you Martha Stewart for helping me see how beautiful they are! I’m learning that things growing in the yard are just as legitimate to use in flower arrangements as “store bought” flowers. I visited the San Francisco flower mart and was amazed to see how much things that grow in my backyard were selling for, and how beautiful they looked in arrangements.

I just had to learn to see better.


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