One Hundred and Fifty Fall Leaves

A trip to the dollar store this week found me with a mixed bag of fake fall leaves made from.. well… whatever kind of shimmery fabric they make fake flowers out of. I’m not typically a fan of fake flowers or foliage, but for some reason these caught my eye and seemed like they had some kind of good potential for a fall decoration.

After dumping them all out on the floor and fluffing them to try and disperse that fresh “factory produced” smell, I decided that a garland was the way to go. So I hauled out my Singer and started playing. By running the machine without any fabric in it, you can create a sort of thread “chain” that works as a nice beginning to the garland, and as spacers between the leaves. Some leaves are singles, others I stacked two at a time before running them through, which looks especially cool with the sheer leaves.

At the end of the garlands I threaded short stacks of buttons to act as weights to hold them down.

By sewing them all on the the same direction, they ended up looking like falling leaves.

More on how I used the garlands to come…


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