A Few SLO workdays

Hubbs had a business trip this week that brought him to a town very close to our hearts: San Luis Obispo. This is the town where we went to school, and where we met almost 6 years ago. The trip worked out in such a way that I was able to join him for the drive and stay down there, and while he was busy at meetings during the day, I enjoyed visiting the school, town, and roads that hold such sweet memories. Then when his work was through we went from beach rock to restaurant patio to coffee shop, remembering the town together.

We stayed just a block away from Avila beach – I can see why this place is the one his company recommended we go.

I didn’t appreciate California history in third grade, but I do now. These missions are the oldest stuff we’ve got around here – this one was built in 1750!

Pismo beach has these wonderfully weathered and textured telescopes for beach viewing. I didn’t have the necessary quarter, but it kept me entertained anyways.

We got our pumpkin from See Canyon Farm. The one we picked is a beautiful gunmetal green with a surface that makes it look like its lived outside for a long, long time.

That’s the Pacific Ocean under our feet. We had just watched a pod of dolphins swim gracefully around the bay and off into the ocean, and now were exploring the steps that led down under the Avila Pier.

And, if you’ve been to SLO, you may recognize some local favorites represented in the collage above, like Pizza Solo, Novos, Bubble Gum Alley, Bali’s, Firestones and the grafitti-ed ficus trees, taken during a photo-scavenger hunt that I may or may not have done…


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