Just Add Chickens

My sweet Hubbs has been hobbling around home the past few days, sore from this weekend spent making good on his Valentine promise: some chickens and their very own Hubbs-built coop. With a weekend finally free, he was able to get to work cutting the pile of lumber that’s been staring him down since February; he’s got lots to show for his hard work: the doors working, the little roost in place, and a second floor is built and ready for eggs. The only thing we need now is a roof and some chickens, so, I think its time to start figuring out what our little flock is going to look like.

The Garden Ark, as the coop plans are named, holds 4 chickens. I’m interested in all pets earning their keep, so I want to find 4 chickens that lay beautiful looking eggs and lots of them. And I want friendly chickens who don’t mind being held sometimes.

I’ve done some reading online about good chicken qualities and have come across very dignified sounding breed names, like Barnevelder, Australorp, Ameraucana, and Welsumer (Although the more research I do, the more I think those grand names belong to pretty common kinds of chickens!). According to the reading, having one of each of these chickens should yield us a solid dozen per week, including blue, dark red, green and brown eggs.

Get ready to see chick pics in the next couple weeks!


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