Some pointers from a cactus guy

While enjoying a free class on succulents this morning at our local nursery (thanks again for the invite, T!), I saw that my conception of succulents had been far too narrow. Cactus, of course, I expected to see. But geraniums? Cucumbers? Some kinds of poinsettias?  And all this time I thought succulents were either sharp or boring…

The instructor explained that the easiest way to kill your succulents is to let them be wet and cold at the same time. So he advised planting them in pots and bringing them indoors during the winter – even your 10 foot tall potted cactus which would be “the coolest houseplant ever!” (this is debatable, I think…).

When I got home I promptly removed my mint-chocolate geranium cutting from the water jar that it (hasn’t) been rooting in, since just learning that the best way to root a succulent is to leave it on the counter for a week to dry out and then just plant it.
And, unrelated but learned in the class, if you bring home beach sand to use in your garden, boil it first to get rid of any lingering sand bugs. This tip was in the context of planting succulent gardens that look like the bottom of the ocean.

So there’s my helpful succulent tips for the day, in case more are growing in your yard than you originally thought.


One response to “Some pointers from a cactus guy

  1. The only thing cooler than a 10 ft. cactus houseplant is a 20ft. cactus houseplant! Hahah–it was a fun morning! Thanks GF! We need to do it again sometime soon 🙂

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